1. Ownership of the domain

Domain, and their associated sub-domains (, are registered under the “Regulation of the registration of domains/subdomains of. PT”, with Sogevinus Fine Wines, S.A. with headquarters In Avenida Diogo Leite, 344 to 4400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia, in Porto, with NIF: 500.00.026 and Registered in the Commercial Register of Vila Nova de Gaia, single number of enrolment and person Collective 500000026.

For any clarification related to these Terms of Use you may contact Sogevinus Customer Service of the following means:

2. Object and scope of application

These Terms of Use have the purpose of defining the conditions of use of the site, and all its subdomains.

The use of these services implies acceptance of these Terms of Use.

SOGEVINUS reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use without notice, and any changes will be published on the website

2.1. Use of the Service “Memes Velhotes”:

As these Conditions of Use of the Service “Memes Velhotes” regulate the responsibilities on the content generated from this tool.

SOGEVINUS is the service provider, reserving the right of use (any compensation would be claimed by the creator); Moderation or deletion of the content created by third parties through this service, especially in those situations where the content affects the fundamental rights of persons, incite hatred or can, in any way, create a situation of disrepute for Sogevinus and its brands.

2.1.1. Responsibility

SOGEVINUS is not liable for losses arising from a non-conforming use with the bases established here. It´s the creator of the “Meme”, and not the one who makes the tool available, solely responsible for the effects thereof.

For the creation of content through the service “Meme Velhotes” is requested identification of the author. The Author is solely responsible for the truthfulness of these data.

2.1.2. User obligations

The user undertakes to comply with these Terms of Use of the service “Memes Velhotes” (

It Is expressly prohibited for users to transmit messages or information that is injurious, misleading, defamatory, obscene or violates, in any way, privacy rights, intellectual or industrial property of third parties, as well provide of any information that may be harmful to third parties or to the owner of the site.

The user is responsible for the truthfulness of the data communicated to SOGEVINUS.

2.2. Tickets for Shows and visits to Cálem´s Cellars:

Navigation on the site:, as well as the digital purchase of any ticket for spectacle or public enjoyment, implies acceptance of these Terms of Use of the Ticket Sales Service On Online.

As these Terms of Use of the Ticket Sales Service only applies to the sale of tickets and not to the Show, visit or event as such. Certain Events and/or Shows may be subject to certain conditions or rules stipulated by the Promoter.

Tickets sold on the page: are reserved for private individuals.

2.2.1. Ticket Availability and online ticket sales

The selection of tickets is performed in real time. SOGEVINUS server (or Sogevinu´s ticketing partner) Informs the Customer in real time about the availability of tickets at the time of processing the sale.

The purchase process allows the Customer to select the places intended within the availability presented.

The finalization of the purchase process implies that the Customer has taken notice and expressly accepts the present Terms of Use of the Online Tickets Sales Service. The data recorded by SOGEVINUS constitute proof of the set of transactions made between SOGEVINUS and the Customer.

Once you have finished your purchase, an automatic email will be sent to confirm the Transaction. The Sale of tickets to Shows or visits The Calem Caves is only Permanently completed and only binds SOGEVINUS from the sending of the said automatic e-mail to confirm the Transaction.

2.2.2.Obligations of customers whom visit the Caves Cálem

The Customer and the User undertake to comply with and comply with these Terms of Use of the Online Ticket Sales Service (, namely:

  • — To refrain from introducing, storing or disseminating through the site defamatory, obscene, injurious, xenophobic and/or other content that violates the general principles of law and public order;
  • — Not using false identities;
  • — To provide personal data and addresses correct so that SOGEVINUS can properly process the sale of tickets.
  • — The Customer is responsible for the truthfulness of the data communicated to SOGEVINUS. SOGEVINUS declines any liability for any delay or impossibility in processing the sale of tickets, due to error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the Customer.

3. Under 18 years old or no legal age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in your country.

Our websites are intended for individuals with minimum legal age required for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

4. Information about content

The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the page: without prior written permission granted by SOGEVINUS is prohibited for purposes other than strictly personal use.

5. Intellectual and industrial Property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations, works and images reproduced or represented in the website are duly protected by the Respective Copyright, worldwide. In this way and in accordance with the Code of copyright and Related Rights, only its use shall be authorised for private purposes, without prejudice to more restrictive provisions contained in the aforementioned code. Any total or partial representation of this site: or all or part of the elements included in it is strictly prohibited, under penalty of recourse to the legal means competent against whom act thus, the Exception When existing tools are used on the site (Ex: Sharing of Content Via Facebook).

The social names, trademarks, and any distinctive signs reproduced on the website are protected in accordance with the legal provisions applicable to industrial property. Reproduction or representation of all or part of these distinctive signs is strictly prohibited and must be Object Prior written authorisation of the Respective Holders.

6. Disclaimer of liability

The way you use this website and the contents therein is solely your responsibility and risk. SOGEVINUS is not liable for losses arising from non-conforming use of the bases established herein.

7. Guarantees

The information on this website is provided by Sogevinus in the state in which it is located and, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, is provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

Please note that in some jurisdictions it is possible that no exclusions of implied warranties may be permitted, so some of these exclusions might not apply to you. Please refer to the their applicable local legislation.

Sogevinus Fine Wines SL reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to restrict, suspend or cancel access to the website or part of it and any functionality incorporated on this page.

8. Accuracy, integrity and temporality of information

Even if all the means at our disposal are used to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website, we shall in no case assume any liability if the information provided is not accurate or complete. Any modification you make to the content made available on this web site will be at your own risk, and therefore responsible for monitoring such changes.

9. Links to other websites

In Sogevinus Fine Wines´ websites may find links to other websites not related with this company, not accepting Sogevinus Fine Wines SA any responsibility for the contents, accuracy, credibility and functionalities of websites belonging to third parties. Use of such links is made in good faith and cannot Sogevinus Fine Wines SA be considered responsible of modifications that are made in websites belonging to third parties.

The using of links to other websites unrelated with Sogevinus Fine Wines SA does not implies any assumption of responsibility regarding such websites. We strongly recommend that you inform and carefully read the legal information and privacy policies of all the websites you visit.

10. Data Transmission

Any content or communication of non-personal data that you send to this web site via email or any other means, containing data, questions, comments, suggestions or similar will be treated as non-confidential and unproprietary data.

All information you send us or place on our websites becomes property of Sogevinus and may be used in any circumstance. Sogevinus is totally free to use, for any purpose (including but not limited, development, production, advertising and marketing), ideas, creative works, inventions, development, suggestions and concepts presents in any communication you send us. Its use is exempt from monetary compensations to the party that made the information available.

When you submit information on the websites property of Sogevinus Fine Wines SA, simultaneously ensures that the contents of the same are their responsibility and not defamatory, and that the use by the Sogevinus Fine Wines SA will not violate any third party rights or applicable law. Sogevinus Fine Wines SA It’s not obliged to use the information available.

11. Privacy

You can view our privacy policy In the following link.

12. Cookies

Sogevinus Fine Wines SA cookies policy is defined in the Policy Privacy available in this website: Click here to learn more

13. Applicable Legislation

Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of these conditions shall be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.

If the Customer is outside of Portugal, SOGEVINUS has already informed that any judicial proceeding must be forwarded to the Portuguese Courts.