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The Port Wine Cálem families

Discovering Port Wine is a constant learning process. The versatility of Cálem Port Wine range introduces and accompanies all those who want to discover this very special world.

  • The Cálem Cellars

    Embrace the true Port Wine experience

  • Visit the Museum and the Cellars

    Explore the Interactive Museum

  • Terroir

    Where it all starts

  • Wine Tasting

    Taste the real Port Wine

  • Portfolio

    A variety of Port Wines to discover

  • Cálem History

    Adventure, audacity, boldness

  • Cálem Wine Shop

    End your experience with a visit to our wine shop

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Born in the Douro,
aged in Gaia.

Born in the Douro, aged in Gaia and carefully tended by four generations.

estd 1859

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Cálem is wine.
It's Douro. It's Porto.

In 1859, António A. Cálem set his goals: crossing the Atlantic and exporting to Brazil.

With this connection to Brazil, story of adventure begins: wines are exported using Cálem's own fleet in exchange for exotic woods.
Hence the symbol used for the house logotype, the caravel.

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Wine Advice

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Velhotes Bottle Image

Launched in 1934, Velhotes is the #1 Port Wine brand in Portugal with more than 3 million bottles sold every year.

#1 Port Wine Brand in Portugal

Quadro dos Velhotes
Poster dos Velhotes